Facing Facts presents Concrete Dreams:

To play Concrete Dreams open your Netscape or Internet Explorer 4 browser and open the file "index.html" in the Concrete Dreams directory.

To allow the game to run in its full potential, you need to make sure you do the following:

Do not change the size of your browser or start new browser windows while playing. The game, and your computer will become very unstable if you do so.

Close all programs except your browser.
Make sure your browser has plenty of memory and disk cache available.
When you play the game several times in a row using the same browser it might eventually crash. Just close the browser and start a new one.


How to play / Options

The purpose of the game is to finish first, and to do so you not only have to be fast, but you'll need every weapon available to literally blow the competion away!

The mouse is used in the following configuration:

Move up - Accelerate your car

Move down - Brake / reverse

Move left - Move left

Move right - Move right

Mouse buttons - Use weapon

For example: if you need to turn left and brake to make a turn, you'll need to move your mouse pointer to the lower left of the screen.

You may find its handling to be a little odd at first but you'll get the hang of it pretty soon.

The mouse pointer has to be in the display window of the interface otherwise you'll lose all control.

Note: Every system has different settings concerning the mouse. If the mouse reacts too slow or too fast you may need to adjust the computer's mouse settings and select a different mouse speed.


Weapons and items

There are alot of items and weapons scattered along the racetrack that you can pick up and use. Here's a complete list:

Bomb - Put it on the track and it will explode in 4 seconds. 1 bomb per item.

Rocket - Wait for an opponent to be in front of you and the missile will automatically follow the target that is closest to you. 2 rockets per item.

Mine - Dump it on the track and it will explode when someone drives over it. 1 mine per item.

Nitro - Nitro fuel injection, use this to gain a lot of speed. 2 nitro's per item.

Shortcut Gate - A gate that blocks a shortcut in the track will be opened only for the one who possesses the Shortcut Gate item. 1 shortcut gate per item.

It is recommended that you play Concrete Dreams on a fast pc. However, there are a lot of people who don't have the power required to play this game in its full potential, so we've implemented 3 resolution modes, a mipmap option, a screen resize and a sound toggle so that you can play this game even on a slower machine.


Resolution modes

These modes change the the way the game engine displays her graphics.

Mode 1 - Displays the background as a gradient and only displays essential sprites.

Mode 2 - Displays a 1-layer background and standard sprites.

Mode 3 - Displays a multi layered parallax background and additional sprites.



Mipmapping is a filter that interpolates and smooths the ground plane thus eliminating the grainy pixelation on the horizon. Turning this option on smooths the pixels in the horizon but also requires a fair amount of processor power.


Screen size

You can reduce the screen size for faster playspeed. You can do this in the options screen or, while playing, with the + and - buttons at the far right of the numeric keypad.



Game sound - You can turn the sound on or off at the startup menu to reduce the downloading times or while playing with the "S" button.

Engine sound - You also can turn the engine sound on or off, while playing, with the "M" button, works only when game sound is turned on in the start up screen.


Minimum system requirements:

- a Pentium computer with 16 megs of ram, and Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0. The game works on all operating systems that are using the previously mentioned browsers.



For further information or questions visit our official Concrete Dreams site at :

or via email : games@facingfacts.nl